Thursday, June 8, 2017

Photos Taken at Mt. Pleasant Cemetery Memorial Day 2017

Just a random  selection  of photos  ~  Some are friends, some relatives, some very significant to Mt. Pleasant History 

Truscott, Clark
Clark Truscott, a lifelong friend of Peter Hafen
Mrs. Clitheroe ~ A friend of My Mother's
Alice and Niel Hafen  (Peter and "our kids")
Oscar Anderson
Shepherd, Jack
Jack and Parline Shepherd
Peter puts an arrow this grave site in memory of many bow hunting trips. 
Simons, Orlin
Orlin and Veone Simons, Our Daughter-in-law's relatives 
Annie Lizzie Buchanan
Peel, J.W.
Annie Theresa Peel
Peel, P.M.
Peter Madsen Peel and wife Christine Folkman Peel
Peter memorializes with a blacksmith crafted cattail.
Peter M. Peel, First Mt. Pleasant Blacksmith 
Hilda Madsen Longsdorf
Author of Mt. Pleasant History

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